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I've had my Mirena for about a year and I love it. The day I had it put in I had bad cramps for the rest of the day and after that I was fine. I haven't gotten my period since, which is fantastic. I didn't gain any weight, my moods haven't changed, and I haven't had any of the awful side effects I had heard about. Having Mirena is easier than remembering to take a pill every day. I highly recommend this form of birth control.
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I was unable to take oral birth control because I would never stop bleeding on the pill. I had a child and had the Mirena placed shortly after his birth. There was no pain at all. I did bleed continuously for 6 months which I had expected due to my previous birth control experiences. I've had the Mirena for 3 years and haven't had a period since the first 6 months! I've had an overall excellent experience with Mirena.

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